SunDnD - Out of the Abyss

Week 28 Log

This week, the party went broadway_sign.jpg!!!

They razzled, they dazzled, and they… Mazz…led!
There was tap dancing, dap prancing, and crap lancing!
First, Flargen Dingle came out with a yadda-ta-ta
Followed by Elodin with a Hat-a-chat-a-hat-a-chat-a
Aramel, flies down on a zipline WAILING on a guitar playing Sweet Child O’ Mine
Kar El Marx jumped over a flaming tiger on a shark-o-cycle
The audience Ooo’ed, Aaaah’ed, and ’Qapla’ed!
It was easily the greatest show on Toril!
Between acts, the party grabbed a purple worm egg and killed a Beholder, but then it was back to the show, with Aramel juggling nuclear powered chainsaws that shot bees out from between the chain links, and the bees shot lasers that vaporized everyone watching, and they LOVED HIM FOR IT!

Week 27 Log

Got in the middle of a huge Troglodyte war
Spent a long time doing that
Got a Drow sword out of it. Cool.
Found a little Drow girl who said she would help us get a Purple Worm egg if we let her go when we were done.
Party agreed that a Purple Worm was a funny name for a monster.

Week 26 Log

Fought a Drider on the way to Iraj
And then an Umber Hulk
And then some Ettins

Got to Iraj, Viseran tries to act like a pimp when we get there and get way ahead of us to look like a bad ass. He fails. He looks like a douche.

He needs an amulet to send the demons back, crafty Aramel realizes he’s angling for more power for himself, but whatever.

Party needs:
Egg of Purple Worm
Middle Eye of a Beholder
6 Angel Feathers
Heart of a Goristro
13 Timasks
Blood/Ichor of a Demon
Gramptfphpfphf Baenre’s Grimoire

Gives party piwafwis and jewels of protection vs. fiends

Party decides to do the purple worm stuff first because they’re right there.

Party finds stash of Laffy Taffy – decides to tell each other jokes from the wrappers instead of going any further for the next week.

Week 25 Log

Party fought a Grell
Party heard a noise coming from a canyon, went to see what the buzz was all about
Party fought 4 Chasme Demons
Gerald was killed by the Chasme Demons. His last words were “This sucks”, and then he exploded into a bloody, pulpy mess
Party arrived in Gravenhollow
Met an intelligent basilisk
Party investigated the appearance of the demons in the library
Flargen Dingle used a stone to communicate with spirits to get answers
Party stayed in quarters that reflected what they wanted most
Flargen stayed in a room that was like a ship’s cabin. Decided he hated sailing after all
Aramel spent the night studying various creatures they might encounter – both Flargen and Aramel were exhausted the next day
Barbra Ann slept very well
Party was led to an ominous tower called Iraj
Party practiced double dutch jump roping, all failed their dex checks, all lost 1 hp

Week 24.75 Log

Party was encountered by a powerful wizard named Elminster
Party was prevented from leaving until they answered a series of riddles
Party failed to answer riddles
Party began to fight amongst themselves
Elminster teaches party an important lesson by placing a curse upon them
-Party cannot talk about Pokimen at DnD
-If party does, the guilty person will be forced back to level 1 and will not be able to advance past level 1 for the rest of eternity.
Flargen Dingle bought a fashionable bracelet that turned out to just be plastic, and for girls.

Week 24.5 Log

Party bumps into Jubilex on way to Gravenhollow
Party decides to run away
The other way is blocked off by Demigorgon, while Jubilex catches up to the party from the other way
Party forced to fight both at once
Jubilex fails throw against Hypnotic Pattern and is incapacitated
Demigorgon is polymorphed into a kobold
Party leads Kobogorgon to a cliff, Gerald distracts him with a Major Illusion (Fred Durst singing Rollin’)
Kar El Marks bends over behind Kobogorgon, Barbara Ann pushes him over Kar El, he falls down the cliff and is impaled on a spike for 4032 damage. He turns back into Demogorgon and starts to climb back up, but Aramel puts an arrow in each of his heads, finishing him off for good. Demogorgon’s soul is destroyed, and he can never come back
Party goes back to Jubilex, who is beaten savagely
The party goes up to level 18
Party encounters Zuggtmoy, who is killed in the first round
Party reaches level 20
Party decides to finally leave the Underdark next week
Party forgot to save, and had auto-save disabled

Week 24 Log

Went toward Gravenhollow
Fought some stuff
A couple of meat shields got cooked
There was a zoo
Thought about letting the animals go
Party reflected in hindsight that letting the animals go would’ve been a lot more interesting, especially for the purposes of this log, which really has nothing else to add. No, seriously. That’s it. You can stop reading. There’s really nothing left. Just fought some stuff.

Week 23 Log

Went to find the Duergar to find Yantha
Killed a bunch of Duergar
Had a laugh about it
Found Yantha, the Duergar told the party to find a stone, and that the Drow might have it
Barbra Ann got a pony for her birthday
Found the Drow enclave surrounded by gargoyles
Funky Winkerbean came out and said he knew where the stone was, but it was stolen by a gargoyle who was with some other Drow
The pony ran away and was eaten by… a… larger pony.
Party went back to look at the last gargoyle they killed
The stone wasn’t there
Party consistently found it difficult to determine that Gerald had taken it, as he was being particularly charming
Aramel got paranoid, and beat up Gerald to tie him up and get the stone, which he figured out that Gerald had taken by guessing
Barbra Ann took the stone, and also went crazy
Party gave the stone back to the Duergar to get Yantha free
Party decided to go to Gravenhallow finally

Week 22 Log

Party found Smurfneblins hiding behind warehouse door
They asked party to find Yantha, to find a beholder, and to tell others about the duergar going crazy
Party fought some Duergar, found out Yantha was captured
Party found some drow when looked for the black market dudes
Fought/killed drow – the fight was joined by a nobleman, a beholder, and 6 other guys
Noble gave party a ring to help them find Gravenhallow
Party decided to go find Yantha by finding the Duergar who captured her
I had some paella for lunch. It wasn’t that great.

Week 21 Log

Party headed to Blingdenstone to find a way to Mantol Derith
Fought a Rocktopus. It was not very hard.
In B-Stone, party traded Philter of Love for map/password to Mantol Derith
The Party was in awe of Aramel’s generosity to donate such an object to the cause
Party found a tamed Carrion Crawler, and Chiquita Dave claimed it for himself
Party disguised themselves as drow traders upon arriving in Mantol Derith for apparently no reason
Flargin Dingle dropped his spellbook in the toilet. Can now only cast Magic Missile until he rewrites his book.
Just outside of town, party discovered one of the Emerald Enclave scouts, who was inflicted with madness spores
Aramel saved the day again, and everyone offered to bake him cupcakes
Party entered Mantol Derith to discover a group of Duergar fighting Smurfneblins and trying to break through some large doors, and party fought the Duergar
Party trashed the Duergar and took a look at the doors


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