SunDnD - Out of the Abyss

Week 28 Log

This week, the party went broadway_sign.jpg!!!

They razzled, they dazzled, and they… Mazz…led!
There was tap dancing, dap prancing, and crap lancing!
First, Flargen Dingle came out with a yadda-ta-ta
Followed by Elodin with a Hat-a-chat-a-hat-a-chat-a
Aramel, flies down on a zipline WAILING on a guitar playing Sweet Child O’ Mine
Kar El Marx jumped over a flaming tiger on a shark-o-cycle
The audience Ooo’ed, Aaaah’ed, and ’Qapla’ed!
It was easily the greatest show on Toril!
Between acts, the party grabbed a purple worm egg and killed a Beholder, but then it was back to the show, with Aramel juggling nuclear powered chainsaws that shot bees out from between the chain links, and the bees shot lasers that vaporized everyone watching, and they LOVED HIM FOR IT!



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