SunDnD - Out of the Abyss

Week 24.5 Log

Party bumps into Jubilex on way to Gravenhollow
Party decides to run away
The other way is blocked off by Demigorgon, while Jubilex catches up to the party from the other way
Party forced to fight both at once
Jubilex fails throw against Hypnotic Pattern and is incapacitated
Demigorgon is polymorphed into a kobold
Party leads Kobogorgon to a cliff, Gerald distracts him with a Major Illusion (Fred Durst singing Rollin’)
Kar El Marks bends over behind Kobogorgon, Barbara Ann pushes him over Kar El, he falls down the cliff and is impaled on a spike for 4032 damage. He turns back into Demogorgon and starts to climb back up, but Aramel puts an arrow in each of his heads, finishing him off for good. Demogorgon’s soul is destroyed, and he can never come back
Party goes back to Jubilex, who is beaten savagely
The party goes up to level 18
Party encounters Zuggtmoy, who is killed in the first round
Party reaches level 20
Party decides to finally leave the Underdark next week
Party forgot to save, and had auto-save disabled



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