SunDnD - Out of the Abyss

Week 25 Log

Party fought a Grell
Party heard a noise coming from a canyon, went to see what the buzz was all about
Party fought 4 Chasme Demons
Gerald was killed by the Chasme Demons. His last words were “This sucks”, and then he exploded into a bloody, pulpy mess
Party arrived in Gravenhollow
Met an intelligent basilisk
Party investigated the appearance of the demons in the library
Flargen Dingle used a stone to communicate with spirits to get answers
Party stayed in quarters that reflected what they wanted most
Flargen stayed in a room that was like a ship’s cabin. Decided he hated sailing after all
Aramel spent the night studying various creatures they might encounter – both Flargen and Aramel were exhausted the next day
Barbra Ann slept very well
Party was led to an ominous tower called Iraj
Party practiced double dutch jump roping, all failed their dex checks, all lost 1 hp



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