SunDnD - Out of the Abyss

Week 26 Log

Fought a Drider on the way to Iraj
And then an Umber Hulk
And then some Ettins

Got to Iraj, Viseran tries to act like a pimp when we get there and get way ahead of us to look like a bad ass. He fails. He looks like a douche.

He needs an amulet to send the demons back, crafty Aramel realizes he’s angling for more power for himself, but whatever.

Party needs:
Egg of Purple Worm
Middle Eye of a Beholder
6 Angel Feathers
Heart of a Goristro
13 Timasks
Blood/Ichor of a Demon
Gramptfphpfphf Baenre’s Grimoire

Gives party piwafwis and jewels of protection vs. fiends

Party decides to do the purple worm stuff first because they’re right there.

Party finds stash of Laffy Taffy – decides to tell each other jokes from the wrappers instead of going any further for the next week.



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